Indiana Gastroenterology, Inc. (IGI) welcomes new patients for consultation. You do not need a physician referral unless required by your insurance carrier. Our office staff would be happy to schedule an appointment at one of two locations. Please contact us at (317) 872-1161 or toll free 1 (866) 727-5496 Monday thru Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Every attempt is made to schedule at your convenience however our availability may be limited by location, in-patient activity or physician absence. If you are not satisfied with your appointment date, we will place you on our waiting list at your request.

We respect your time and strive to run on schedule. Each patient is unique and time spent in consultation may vary. Please be patient with us, but let us know if you are kept waiting more than 15 minutes past your appointment.

We ask that you arrive early for your appointment to allow for any paperwork that we may require. When time allows we will mail this paperwork to your home address or you can download and complete these forms from our site. If you arrive late for your appointment it may be necessary to reschedule for another date.

Please bring a list of your current medications to your appointment as well as any recent labs, x-ray results (preferably on CD-ROM) or previous endoscopic procedures done outside of our practice. If you have completed our health questionnaire and demographic forms in advance present them to our receptionist. This allows us to perform a more thorough workup. We will also require a copy of your most current insurance card.

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